Our current packaged tours are listed below. If you’re looking for something different, we can create a custom itinerary for you or your group. Additionally, MYK Japan offers large group services, including bus transportation, hotel and flight booking. Please contact us for more information on custom itineraries, or to ask any questions about the sights in Kyoto.

Packaged Tours

  • World Heritage Tour. 3-hour tour to world heritage sites: Nijo Castle, Kinkaku-ji and Ryoan-ji.
  • Izakaya 101 Tour. 2-hour tour to experience Japanese Izakaya Culture! Visit selected Izakaya with a Certified Tour Guide!
  • Kitano Tenmangū Shrine. 3-hour tour which brings you through the Northwestern region of Kyoto City. Stops at Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine, Kamishichiken hanamachi and Senbon Shakado Temple.
  • Maiko Experience. Enjoy a luxurious dinner with the companionship of a Maiko performer.
  • Fushimi to Nishiki. A family oriented 5-hour tour to the four most popular tourist attractions of Kyoto; Fushimi Inari, Kiyomizu Temple, Nishiki market and Gion.
  • Morning tour of Kiyomizu temple and breakfast. Go to Kyoto’s popular Kiyomizu temple before it gets busy. Afterwards, enjoy a traditional Japanese breakfast.
  • Higashi Honganji and Ramen. Enjoy the morning Buddhist chants at Higashi Honganji temple. Go for a delicious ramen breakfast, then unwind with a refreshing bath inside Kyoto Tower.